How Long Does a Smile Makeover Take?

One of the most common concerns patients have about their smile makeover treatment is the length of the procedure. The answer depends on the restorative or cosmetic dentistry chosen. We can answer with general knowledge, but you need a consultation to provide an exact idea of the timeline of the makeover

Restorative and Cosmetic Procedures in Smile Makeovers

Below is a guide to the top cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures and their usual completion times.

Teeth whitening: It usually takes dentists one hour to give a patient brighter and healthier-looking smiles with teeth whitening.

Porcelain veneers: Porcelain veneers usually involve two to three visits to the dentist to complete the treatment. A lab creates permanent veneers between visits, so that adds to the wait.

Invisalign braces: Invisalign patients most often wear invisible aligners for about ten to twelve months. Every person's teeth will move at different rates, so each person will need a unique plan. Compliance with the prescribed orthodontic plan will impact the accomplishment and speed of the Invisalign treatment.

Tooth bonding: Cosmetic tooth bonding usually follows a three-step process of sculpting, polishing and applying resin. This takes one visit to complete.

Lumineers: Like porcelain veneers, Cerinate Lumineers require two to three visits to the dentist.

Dental implants: Since dental implants use surgery to place the implant, the surgical area must heal between visits. This part could take a few weeks before the prosthetic tooth attaches to the implant. In general, dental implants take two to three trips to the dentist.

Tooth-colored fillings: Composite dental fillings take one visit to the dentist to complete. Plus, tooth-colored fillings are mercury-free, making them the safest option for a smile restoration

Porcelain tooth crowns: The completion of porcelain tooth crowns takes two visits to the dentist. While waiting for the lab to customize the permanent crown to the patients smile, a patient uses a temporary crown to maintain normal chewing and speaking.

Keep in mind that exams and dental cleanings take less than an hour to finish. Keeping up with preventive care helps the gum, teeth and mouth stay healthy. It also lessens the need for restorative dentistry procedures. Regular visits to the dentist will assist in identifying any new issues before they become a problem.

How to Speed Up a Smile Makeover

Many patients would like to undergo a smile makeover but are wary of the amount of time it will take to get the repairs they want. If this applies to your case, then you will be happy to know that sedation dentistry is an option. This method of gentle dentistry removes the anxiety from your dental visit by putting you in a deep state of relaxation. Oral sedation makes apprehensive patients feel better about the dental procedures. Moreover, a calm patient makes it far easier for a dentist to complete repairs.

Remember, every patient receives a custom smile makeover. Your mouth, teeth and smile are unique, and the dentist will keep it that way.

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