What to Expect During Your Dental Crown Procedure

Depending on the specific needs of a person, such as the need for restoring or fixing chipped, broken, or missing teeth, the dentist may have suggested that a dental crown is placed. The process for having a dental crown installed is actually actively simple. It has become one of the most common procedures, and yet the benefits are noticeable instantly after the procedure.

Although from the name it may seem like an intricate and time-consuming procedure to get a dental crown, it is quite simple. With new and advancing dental technology, sometimes it can be completed in one to two days, or over no longer than a few weeks and only one or two trips to the dentist.

What is a dental crown?

Many people have heard a friend or family member mention having had a dental crown. Yet they may not know exactly what is involved. Or if having a crown is noticeable in their mouth to people who see them speak or smile.

The simplest way to describe and explain a dental crown is that it is a type of “cap” that is placed over a tooth to help keep it safe and from wearing down. The two main goals of a crown are that the tooth is strengthened and also to improve the way that the tooth looks. For people with a tooth that is chipped or worn down, a crown is a great choice. There is not a need to remove a tooth, and it keeps the natural tooth in place along with the root.

Why would someone need a crown?

There are quite a few reasons that someone’s dentist may suggest that they get a crown. A few of the following reasons are issues that a dental crown can help in fixing:

  • A cavity that has grown and is too large for a filling
  • A tooth is missing and there is a need for a dental bridge
  • There is a need to cover a dental implant that has been installed
  • A tooth is cracked or worn down and weakened, but not requiring removal
  • Had a root canal procedure completed and need the tooth protected
  • The desire to cover a tooth that is discolored or not optimally shaped

Although there are other reasons that a dentist may suggest someone get a dental crown, these are typically the reasons the majority of people get them. Because dental crowns can help in so many aspects, from protection to improving a smile, the procedure has become very common.

How is the dental crown placed and installed?

It does take several steps to have a dental crown installed and placed, although it is relatively simple. The following is an overview of these steps:

Step #1: The dentist will get the tooth ready to have the crown installed. If there is any decay, it will be removed.

Step #2: An impression of the tooth will be taken, and the crown will be molded from this impression.

Step #3: While the impression is sent off for the permanent crown to be constructed, a temporary crown will be installed.

Step #4: The crown will be made and sent back to the dentist. You will visit and have the permanent dental crown installed.

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