Reasons to Visit an Emergency Dentist

The assistance of an emergency dentist is necessary for some instances of dental trauma.  As an example, there is no sense visiting with a regular dentist if you have a nearly unbearable oral pain resulting from your teeth being knocked out.  Professional assistance from an emergency dentist is necessary to alleviate the pain, restore your mouth's functionality and ensure you do not end up with a smile you are hesitant to display in front of others.  Fail to obtain treatment for the oral health challenges outlined below and you will likely find your condition worsens and mandates intense treatment in the coming weeks, months or years.

You may need to go to an emergency dentist with…

Damaged or Knocked-out Teeth

Teeth that are broken, chipped, loose or falling out require the attention and expertise of an emergency dentist.  Let this oral health expert provide you with treatment and they will try to decrease your pain while saving the tooth.

Significant Oral Pain

Throbbing gums, toothaches and other forms of severe oral pain necessitate immediate treatment.  These oral pains indicate an underlying issue such as gingivitis, an infection or extensive tooth decay. If the pain lingers, it is time to meet with an emergency dentist to find out exactly what is wrong and eliminate the discomfort.

Compromised Tooth Restorations

Every dental crown, implant and filling has the potential to break or loosen.  If this occurs, the tooth will be vulnerable. After all, such dental restorations are meant to protect the teeth.  If these barriers are not in place, the teeth and even your overarching oral health will be at risk for infection and other issues.

Facial Swelling

If your face swells, it is cause for concern.  There is a chance the swelling will only continue to worsen if you do not address it with a visit to the emergency dentist.  Facial swelling is typically accompanied by considerable oral pain. However, there is a chance the growth of the wisdom teeth, a Vitamin C deficiency or gum disease are the true cause of the problem.

Unbearable Oral Pain  

Dental pain is undoubtedly one of the worst sensations a human being can endure.  If your pain is extreme, do not hesitate to visit an emergency dentist. The dentist will identify the source of the pain and do his or her best to relieve it.

Uncontrollable Oral Bleeding

Blood stemming from the gums is fairly common amongst those who fail to floss at the proper frequency.  Excessive bleeding is a sign it is time to visit an emergency dentist. Apply firm but gentle pressure to the area until you can meet with an emergency dentist.

A Split or Bit Tongue

If you have bitten your tongue and caused it to split, make a beeline for the closest emergency dentist's office.  Even a harsh tongue bite that causes considerable pain should prompt a trip to the emergency dental clinic. The emergency dentist will address the wounds, regardless of whether they are jagged or deep.  Apply light pressure to the area for relief until your mouth can be tended to by an experienced emergency dentist.

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