Four Advantages of Choosing a Family Dentist

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When it comes to keeping your family healthy, you want the best of the best. Often, parents believe that they must inconveniently schedule their children’s dental appointments at a separate pediatric dental office. However, this is a common misconception. A skilled and patient family dentist treats patients of all ages rather than focusing on one age group. Family dentists are prepared to meet the dental needs of every stage of development. If you need further convincing to visit a family dentist, here are four benefits of choosing a family dentist:

1. A Wide Range of Dental Services Under One Roof

An unexpected perk of family dentistry is that most family dentists offer a wide range of services at their clinics so that patients can save time and money. Family dentists can be a one-stop-shop for a broad spectrum of patient needs, including:

  • Preventing dental decay and gum disease
  • Upgrading the appearances of smiles with whitening, straightening, and more
  • Providing emergency dental services when necessary
  • Removing and replacing natural teeth when needed

2. Easily Track Dental History

If you have ever moved to another city or switched doctors under other circumstances, you’ve probably felt difficulty transferring accurate medical history from practice to practice. It can be challenging to track dental services when you have to go to more than one clinic for various services. Instead of dealing with the back and forth, commit to a family dentist. A family dentist can comprehend, predict, and tackle multiple dental issues for individuals and families (especially hereditary conditions.)

3. Help Children Adapt to Dental Experiences

DFA (dental fear and anxiety) is a significant, multifaceted issue in children and adolescents. Children with DFA tend to associate the dentist’s office with some (or all) of these ideas:

  • Drilling, injections, and other traumatic medical procedures
  • Negative personal experiences with dentists and supporting team members
  • Unfamiliarity and inexperience due to irregular dental visits

No matter the source of the child’s dental fear and anxiety, a family dentist can help young patients become more closely acquainted with dentistry. Something unique about family dentists is that they can treat children, parents, and even grandparents. Families can get regular treatments, such as cleanings and exams, together. When children watch their family members interact with their dentists positively and have similar experiences, they are less likely to be bothered by it.

Additionally, encountering novel environments can increase anxiety and fear of the unknown. Visiting the same dentist’s office throughout life creates a predictable, comfortable, and familiar environment.

4. Build Secure Relationships

What boosts patient gratification and adherence to treatment? The best dentists know that a bit of empathy and kindness go a long way. In a Korean study, patients associated empathy, interpersonal trust, partnership, and communication with increased satisfaction and compliance. By visiting the same family dentist indefinitely, patients of all ages have the advantage of establishing a robust relationship with their provider for life.

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If you are searching for a dentist to take care of your entire family’s extensive needs, look no further. At Advanced Family Dentistry, Dr. Payam K. Asadi fosters a welcoming environment for patients of all ages to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Learn more about our family dentistry practice by calling (520) 353-3002 or booking an appointment online.

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